Guitar Chord Theory Made Simple

A lot of people get hung up on guitar chord theory, because they automatically assume that because it has the word “theory” in it, it’s going to be hard!

In fact, the opposite is true.

Guitar chord theory can be kept quite simple, by looking at the relationships between the notes in terms of numbers, rather than using complex theoretical terms.

Guitar Chord Theory

Why Is Guitar Chord Theory Important?

Guitar chord theory supplies easy answers to questions like:

  • What chords work together in each key?
  • What notes would sound good as a riff over a specific chord?
  • How can I create chord embellishments to add more color to my playing?
  • What chords can I use to write a song with?
  • And many more…

To help you get started learning about guitar chord theory, I’ve created a handy cheat sheet that provides all of the chords that you can use in the five most common keys. If you enter your name and email address in the form below, I’ll send it right over!

Remember - guitar chord theory doesn't have to be complicated - any beginner guitar player can learn it!